Engine Care Decarbonising

Let’s give your engine the best ever protection!

Decarbonising - 30 minutes process - Engine carbon cleaning by Oxy-Hydrogen technology (Without opening engine)

Controlling Air Pollution and Maintenance of Engines or a longer life span, by spending economically and with a lesser waiting time is one of the highest concerns in this modern world. This can be achieved by cleaning the carbon deposits accumulated in the engine by using Hydrogen-Hydrogen-Oxygen-Generator (HHO).

  • Against consumption and wear
  • Double the life of your engine
  • Improves 15% mileage
  • Reduces 72% emission and black smoke
  • Restore engine power
  • Clean & protected car engine
  • For Vehicles of 700 cc – 6000 cc

Feel the difference, enjoy the green ride!

The oxy-hydrogen ions electrolyzed from water molecule clean the carbon deposition in the engine.

  • This consumes water and electricity
  • Easy operation, fully automatic and takes only 20 minutes
  • Used for all vehicles such as car, truck, bus etc
  • Perfect carbon cleaning effect is achieved
  • No chemical additives are used hence no harm to engine
  • Environment friendly

Decarbonising (Application)

  • Piston top
  • Combustion Chamber
  • Exhaust Pipe wall
  • Spark Plug
  • Ternary Catalytic
  • Throttle Valve
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Diesel Particulate Filler (DPF)
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves (EGR)
  • Turbo

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